Light Controling Using Blink App

light Controling Using Blink App Or  Esp8266 Controller

Blynk is an IoT platform with customizable mobile apps, private cloud, rules engine, and device management analytics dashboard, designed for easy and customizable Internet of Things applications. Designing dashboard on Blynk App for IoT projects is really easy, you just have to organize buttons, sliders, graphs, and alternative widgets onto the screen. We can also edit the widgets as per our requirements.

With the help of Blynk, the software side gets easier than the hardware. Blynk is perfect for interfacing with simple projects like monitoring the temperature of your room or turning lights on and off remotely Here, in this project we are controlling a LED using Blynk App and Esp8266.


Connection Diagram

Blynk App Dashboard Setup for Controlling LED

To control LED with Blynk app, download and install the Blynk app from Google or Apple app store.
Then, if you are new to Blynk app, create a new account by using your Email and password.

After sign up click on ‘New Project’ to start your project.