Vehicle Tracking System


Hii Guys  Welcome to UNIQUE CIRCUIT  Tutorial; I hope you guys are Learning my tutorial very well and getting the proper information about the technical knowledge well as Engineering Knowledge.  Today we will Learn to Make own Vehicle Tracking System using Arduino Uno. I will Discuss with you to make your Vehicle Tracking Device using all steps including Arduino code.
This project is as its name says, is a Vehicle Tracking System.This system uses GPS and GSM module service to track and get the location of the vehicle.This system is placed or attached to the vehicle/automotive that is to be traced,In order to track the location of the vehicle a user/owner just need to send them a message “WHERE ARE YOU” to the SIM number inserted in the GSM module, On receiving the message “WHERE ARE YOU” the tracking system reply with the location of vehicle to the mobile device of the user/owner which can be viewed on any map application such as BING, GOOGLE map.



Components Required For Vehicle Tracking System

  1. Arduino Uno Board/Self Made Board
  2. Gsm Module
  3. Voltage Regulator IC Lm7805
  4. Gps Receiver Module
  5. Pcb Board
  6. Vibration sensor
  7. MQ7 sensor




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  2. Hi Sir! good day, Can you share where did you put the word "WHERE ARE YOU" for tracking in the sketch? I just can't figure it out . Tnx!!!