Smart Shopping Cart using RFID and NodeMCU | With Voice


The RFID based smart trolley consists of trolley that incorporated with RFID reader. As soon as the customer place the product they want to buy ino the trolley, the RFID reader attach to the trolley detect the RFID tag number of the product to identify it. Each RFID tag number is linked to a product it describes. All the information regarding the product associated with the RFID tag is in database can be retrieved using centralized server. All the activities are coordinated together using a NodeMCU. The product can be directly scanned by the reader and if the customer wishes to remove any product, they just have to again scan the product, then the product should be deleted. After the purchasing product total amount of bill generated and display on LCD of the trolley and also at the billing section. When customer goes to billing section he has to only pay the amount.

Step1: Start 

Step 2: Put the product attached with RFID tag into trolley. 

Step 3: RFID reader reads the tag information.

 Step 4: The NodeMCU sends this information to the server via the WiFi module. Step

Step  5: The server stores the information in the database. Step 

Step 6: The total amount is calculated into the server. Step 

Step 7: Final amount get displayed in the server. Step 

Step 8: Payment of the bill. Step 

Step 9: The database is updated. Step 

Step 10: stop

Circuit Diagram :-

 You Can See The 12 Digit Code On The Serial Monitor :-

NodeMcu Interfacing With 20x4 Lcd Display :-

Video :-