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Hi! I’m Prateek , The founder of the Just Do Electronics  Blog. I have a BTech (Bachelor of Technology) degree in  Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering from INDIA.


Examination      Board/University                        Percentage             Year     
      BTech                  SPPU                                             80                     2020                                                                                                                                                       
    DIPLOMA             MSBT                                              81.29                2017      

Technical Skills 

I Am worked extensively on below things, in developing systems as well as providing training

Worked on Many Microcontroller Architectures To Develop More Than 200 Projects So far, Includes : Atmega328 / 8051 / AVR / PIC16 / PIC18 / LPC2148 / Esp8266 /  ESP32 / Raspberry pi

Embedded System and IOT
Industrial and Commercial IOT and Embedded System product developer and project designer.

Expert on Embedded C , Python Programming And Java

PCB Design
Kicad, easyEDA, Eagle, Proteus  

Hardware in Electronics
Worked on Many Sensor Includes :- Force/Pressure Sensor , Temperature Sensor , Light Level Sensor , Position Sensor , Sound Sensor ,  Speed Sensor

Additional Business Skills
Additional Digital Skills As Part of Running Businesses From Past 3+ Years

1.Industrial Problem Solving

2.Professional Technical Writing,  Blog and Tutorial Posts. Technical Manuals Writing

3.Video Editing , Technical Video Recording

Online and Corporate Trainer Trained More Than 1400 Students From 3 Countries Across Globe of Microcontrollers Programming And Hardware . Corporate Trainer on Internet of Things, Online trainer on YouTube.


Workshop For Student -  

College :- International Institute of Information Technology Pune

Workshop For Student -  

College :- Ramkrishna More College

Thanks To All