Water Controling Using Webpage



Water source is necessary and an important factor in agricultural and farm production and is a key of our quality of life as well. Monitoring water level of a water source, such as water tank or bore well etc., plays a key role in agricultural. For example if a water level drops below the threshold level for pumping in a bore well, the pump motor may get damaged due to dry running. In such case monitoring water level and controlling the water pump accordingly becomes necessary task. There are many other situations where water level monitoring is an important task. It may be used to preserve water or to study the water usage of a water source. This paper proposes a prototype system design, implementation and description of required tools and technologies to develop Internet of Things (IoT) based water level monitoring system which can be implemented in future smart villages in India.
Almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of water scarcity, and by 2025 water scarcity is expected to affect more than 1.8 billion people, hurting agriculture workers and poor formers. Water scarcity is among the main problem to be faced by many societies and the world in the 21st century. Water use has been growing more than twice the rate of population increase in the century. In such places, large storage tanks are used as intermediary buffers to smooth the water distribution and meet peak demands. In addition, most household and offices also have large local storage tanks to water supply. During these days it is essential to keep overhead tanks in apartments, industries, high rise flats in order to store water and use. Here, from ground level water is pumped to overhead tanks according to water level requirement in the tank.
Currently drinking water is very prized for all the humans. In recent times all the humans and creatures on the earth all the human beings and creatures on the earth facing troubles because of growing population, aging infrastructure etc. So its too important to find the solution for water monitoring & control system .For that IoT is blessing as a solution. Microcontrollers and sensors are very useful for creating that system. Ultrasonic Sensor is used to measuring water level. The other parameters like pH, TDS, and Turbidity of the water should be calculated. The calculated values from the sensors can be processed by the Microcontrollers and uploaded to the internet through the Wi-Fi module (ESP 8266). Analysis can also be done on sensed data to pick out for the solutions. In design various controller like Arduino Uno, Raspberry PI b+ are used as a core controller. The invented system is used some IoT modules for accessing sensor data from the core  
controller to the cloud. The data which is obtain from the sensors can be shown on the internet  and provides facilities for screening the data on mobile phones or web application.
People now days always want something that can make their life easier. In this is used to define the water monitoring system such as Tank water level sensing monitoring, water pollution monitoring and water pipeline leakage sensing monitoring. By using wireless sensor technology, we avoid the huge amount of water is being wasted by uncontrolled use of large apartments offices.
We introduce the project of water level controlling with IoT and android application. Wastage of water in the current scenario, merely due to overflowing tanks is not affordable. Conventional water tanks can either monitor nor control the water level in tank, leading to large amount of wastage. Some other technologies had certain drawbacks in some or the other way. The need of removal of these short-comings and providing an efficient and economical solution has been the main focus of this project. In most of the cases, water tanks are manually controlled by an operator. In absence of the person, water keeps on overflowing until the motor is switched off. Smart water tank implements IOT, with which, the user can directly monitor and control the working of tank through the smart phone and from any place in this world. This project can be installed in existing water tanks with no requirement new tank for this purpose.


Objective of project are:

·         To understand the concept of IoT.
·         To implement the water level indicator with wi-fi module.
·         To implement the water purity using purify sensor.
·         To create web page for online data observation.
·         To create SMS notification system.


In this project we are going to implement IoT based water level measurement system the current level of water is obtained from the ultrasonic sensor through ESP8266 wi-fi module and also shown on Ada-fruit webpage, which will contain motor ON/OFF status, gauges for maximum and minimum water level and the purity of water. By using GSM module, we will get the notification on our mobile phone about motor ON/OFF status
Depending on the water levels, as described above, the status of motor will be automatically controlled. If water level is in between both the levels, then the user can exercise control by toggling the status of motor from the android application. Buttons – Start and Stop have been provided for the same. The application is designed in such a way that it will show the instantaneous value of current status of water in percentage. The height of tank is to be set once in ESP. This height shall be used to determine the percentage of water. Calculations of the current water level will be done with this. 


In this project, an integrated system of Wi-Fi modem, IoT,  Ultrasonic Sensor is introduced for water controlling system. The developed system provides webpage representation of water level and status of motor . We analyzed the solutions currently available for the implementation of IoT. By implementing this project, we will avoid over flowing of water tank in residential area which is previously monitored manually. It can automatically monitor the water tank & according to water level motor status will change ON/OFF automatically. The technologies which are used in the proposed system are good enough to ensure the practical and perfect for  monitoring water level in the tank. It will reduce manual efforts and saves time as well.