Smart House Lights

Smart House Lights

In this project we'll learn how to use the relay with ultrasonic sensor and Arduino to make our home lights ( or any device ) smarter.
Our target is to make an energy saving light bulb turn off when you go out of the room and turn on when you come back in. It's so easy to implement and takes a small amount of time.

this project uses AC high voltage power supply, if you're less than 16   or don't have enough experience you must have an experienced person to help you with the AC part.
However,  you can complete the project using DC devices which run on low voltage and will prove the same concept. I'll state the warning clearly when it starts to be dangerous.



  1. in your coding some error showing, kindly help us resolve the error


    compilation terminated.

    exit status 1
    NewPing.h: No such file or directory