Door Lock Security System Using Arduino

 Door Lock Security System Using Arduino & Keypad

Password Based Door Lock Security System:

In this project we will learn how to make Password Based Door Lock Security System Using Arduino & Keypad. As thefts are increasing day by day security is becoming a major concern nowadays. So a digital code lock can secure your home or locker easily. It will open your door only when the right password is entered.
Circuit of this project is very simple which contains Arduino, keypad module, buzzer, Servo Motor and LCD. Arduino controls the complete processes like taking password form keypad module, comparing passwords, driving buzzer, rotating servo motor and sending status to LCD display. Keypad is used for taking password. Buzzer is used for indications. Servo motor is used for opening the gate while rotating and LCD is used for displaying status or messages on it
Circuit Diagram
Password Based Door Lock Security System Using Arduino & Keypad

Working Explanation:

In this project, we have defined default password “4567” in the Arduino. You can change it via coding. When we enter a password, it will match it with the password stored in the Arduino. If it is correct, then it will show ‘Access Granted, Welcome’ and then rotate servo motor to 180 door as door is opened. It will then give 5 seconds time for entering via door. Once 5 second is completed, the door will get locked automatially.

Components Required:
1. Arduino UNO 
2. 4*3 Keypad 
3. 16*2 LCD 
4. Buzzer 
5. Servo Motor SG90 
6. 5 Volt Power Supply or Battery or Adapter
7. Connecting Wires
8. Breadboard


Download Keypad.h library