One Touch Alarm WOMEN SAFETY System

In Today’s World Women Safety is the most Important Issue In very Country. Today Women Are Harassed And troubled And Sometimes When the Urgent Help Is needed. There is No Required Location If the Women So that People Can Help, its necessity that we are all aware of importance of women safety, but we must analyze that they should be properly protected.

So here I introduce one touch women safety system can beused by Any Women Those Who Are Working Late night Or Have the Doubt of Any Misusing Against her. The Women Just has To Press The button For Help That’s it. the system resembles a normal watch which when activated, when press switch tracks the place of the women sends emergency messages using GSM (Global System for Mobile communication), to authorized contacts and the police control room.

All these operation can be made by using a single button. When the switch is pressed, The output of the microcontroller is transmitted wirelessly by using GSM module to the receiver’s mobiles and server. The server has a data base in which lots of numbers were saved based on region. By compare this with the database the sever will find out the corresponding place and sent information to those authorized contact.

Circuit Diagram :-

Code :-


  1. Sir you shown in the circuit diagram fan type something..
    Please sir tell me the name of that component