Smart Shopping Cart using RFID and NodeMCU

 Today’s world have a fast growing population with a wide range of demand from a variety of domains. Customers who need to purchase different products in Walmart or supermarkets needs lots of time and patience in coordinating among them self for successful shopping. We need to address this problem by efficiently using our technologies. In the advancement of technologies, the world is getting automated in many aspects. In this Paper, we depict reasonable and cost-effective Smart Shopping Cart utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) innovations. Such a framework is appropriate for use in spots such as Walmart & supermarkets, where it can help in lessening work and in making a superior shopping knowledge for the clients. Rather than influencing the clients to sit tight in a long line for looking at their shopped things, this framework helps in mechanizing the easy and comfortable billing process. The shopping is processed with two aspects, with a predefined list and random shopping. Our proposed system provides the nearest route to pick-up the listed items present in different racks of the Walmart. Also, with the added feature we have an approach where Cart-to-Cart communication is enabled that allows a customer to share their shopping list with co-shopper to enable parallel shopping using two or more carts. These features save time and make shopping easy. Along with these abilities, this system design is also capable of detecting theft by shoplifters. In addition, the Walmart or supermarket management will be able to analyze the shopping behaviors of various customers to arrive at valuable business insights. These will be very beneficial for the retail stores. Accordingly, the management team will have the ability to predict the rate of sales of all individual products and make the stock available is based on the ongoing customer requirements. Overall, this system will ensure that the customers will have the best shopping experience and very often, they visit the Walmart for the shop.

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  1. where is server code i want that!

  2. How can I get server IP address plz tell me sir

  3. This code having error those who are facing problem in the code part then contact to us we will help you regarding server and as well as display part. We will provide whole code and circuit diagram free of cost. Contact to +917653851434